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Faro was by far the most popular gambling game in the Wild West. More money was bet on Faro than on all other games combined and it was said that Faro games out numbered 'soiled doves' plying their trade. Virtually every saloon had at least one active Faro game.

It was a lively game, easy to learn, social and fast moving. The house advantage was only around 2%, offering the best odds of all games of chance and skill.

Think of Faro as being similar to Roulette, but with cards. There is a 'layout' of 13 cards from Ace to King on which the players (called 'Punters')placed their chips. Two cards were dealt, first the 'loser' then the 'winner'.

If a Punter had bet on the 'winner' he won. If a Punter had bet on the 'loser'he lost. A bet placed on a card which was neither the winner or loser was unaffected. One could also bet on the 'loser' and on multiple cards.

Faro is a great addition to fundraising events, Wild West casino nights, and Western or Victorian soirees. I'm available to come to your event with my complete Faro setup to entertain and inform your guests. I'll teach the game of Faro and give your attendees the opportunity to relive a very important Western tradition, with history and stories. I come in full Victorian costume to make the experience complete.

If you're planning a Western event for a fundraiser or any other reason, click the button below. I have a slew of entertainers, dealers, musicians, charlatans, characters and activities to take your guests back to the 1880s.

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