Pico's Past Engagements

Pico had his layout at "History Days" at the Strathearn House Historical Site in Simi Valley.

The Charityville Western Reenactment Team had "Wild West Row" with Faro, the Charityville Jail, Bodie 601's display of antique guns, swords and items, as well as Cowboy Poetry by Peter Conway.

Had some good games of Faro. A very well dressed gent named Dana Bucked the Tiger for a spell. My thanks to him for sending me this picture!

The organizers of the Conejo Valley Days Festival built a Saloon. It would not have been fitting for there not to be a Faro bank in that establishment, so Pico negotiated with the proprietor and just like in the Old West, Pico secured himself a corner to set up his game.

There's nothing better than Faro in a Saloon. I just love the looks on people's faces when they look at my layout, with no idea of what they're looking at. Of course, I like it even better when they've caught on and are playing like pros!

Fellow members of the Charityville Jail Western Reenactor Group Marshall Bodie 601 and Cowboy Poet Pete sat down for a few games while some late century types looked on.

As Johnny Reb and Billy Yank were having at it at the Calico Ghost Town, tucked away in the Beer Garden of Lil's Saloon, Pico was calmly Bucking the Tiger with troops from both the North and South.

Though Pico hails from the Old Dominion, he also has roots in New England, allowing him to accomodate punters of both persuasions. Taking sides is contrary to the financial interests of a Faro Banker, as you could imagine.

Ryan O'Connell and his wife Karen stopped by and played a few turns. Ryan also banks Faro games, often while with his Union Army regiment. He has a website called "Real Deal Faro with some good information on Faro.

On Jan. 19, 2013 visitors to the San Bernardino Historical Society's "125 Aniversary of the California Pioneers" Celebration had a chance to "Buck the Tiger". The event was held at the beautiful San Bernardino Train Depot. There were lecture on County history, arts, crafts, re enactors and stage coach rides.

The Faro table was full the whole day with passersby and visitors trying their hand at an authentic piece of the Old West Lifestyle. Pico didn't cheat anybody...too badly!

"Place Your Bets!!" Punters put down their checks between turns during Casino Night at the 2012 "Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly", the largest annual match put on by SASS club The Cowboys.

Just like it would have been in the Old West, Pico arrived in Calico, CA and made a deal to set up his Faro layout in the Beer Garden at Lil's Saloon.

For two days during "Calico Days" (Oct. 5-7, 2012) Pico dealt Faro to many visitors, teaching the game and telling stories of the Wild West. Just like in the Wild West, you never know who's going to sit at your table. Wild Bill Hickok and Martha Jane Cannary stopped by to Buck the Tiger.

We had a Faro layout set up at the Conejo "Riders Day of The Horse Event" at Conejo Creek Equestrian Park, Thousand Oaks, CA on September 8, 2012.

I was working with the Charityville Jail re enacters group. We also had Cowboy Poetry, a blacksmith making personalized horseshoes and our jail cell. You can pay to swear out a warrant on a friend or family member. We send the Sheriff and his posse to aprehend the suspect, jailing him or her until they can raise bail. All money raised goes to the charity.

Pico dealing Faro at the Bumblebee Foundation's Western Night with the Charityville Jail Re-enacting and Living History Team on July 14, 2012.

We bring a jail cell to events, allowing people to purchase 'arrest warrants'. When a warrant is issued, Sheriff George, Sheriff Willie and the deputies find the outlaw and take them to jail. Literally. The prisoner then has to get bailed out. All fees for warrants and bail go to the charity. It's really fun.

We also have a blacksmith and a cowboy poet. Sheriff Willie brings a fantastic display of antique firearms and relics. I just joined the group as a deputy and Faro dealer.

We got a nice little write up in the Simi Valley Acorn.

Pico seen here with the legendary Shay Maxwell during the "Wake of Soapy Smith" at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Shay is largely responsible for the existance of Faro today. He manufactures Faro equipment and the most authentic replica playing cards, available at "Parnell Playing Cards".

Phil Gessert of "The Pharo Bank" brought in Faro, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Wheel of Fortune and Chuck-A-Luck tables. Phil is one of the country's best known Faro bankers and makes beautiful reproduction Faro equipment.

Pico dealing Faro at the 1st annual Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society's "Wild West Days" June 30 - July 1.

There were Western reenactors, musical acts, vendors and other Western groups around. Al Frish had some of his extensive Hollywood Movie Gun Collection on display.

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