Saloon Gambling Parties

"Casino" or "Las Vegas" parties are excellent for corporate parties or fundraisers and there are dozens of "Casino Night" companies offering themed events.

None of them offer an authentic "Western Saloon" atmosphere. with authentic games, an authentic setting, authentic entertainment and real West character.

You won't find pink cowboy hats, blue jeans or bolo ties at one of "Pico Pistolero's Real Western Saloon" parties. What I can bring you is the atmosphere of an 1880s saloon. I provide authentic Western saloon games as well as modern favorites, Old West entertainment and characters.

In the West, you would certainly find saloons like Nuttal and Mann's "No. 10". Saloons were generally small, basic establishments featuring a bar and a host of independent gamblers set up in the back of the room or opposite the bar. A saloon atmosphere is a perfect low key event where your guests can mingle, play games and escape the worries of modern life. Your guest might find themselves playing a game of "Bluff" with Wild Bill Hickok.

Larger establishments might call themselves "Theaters". The Gem Theater in Deadwood had a stage in the back and a barroom in the front, filled with Charlatans and Sporting Men, poised to fleece patrons of all their hard earned gold. Patrons could enjoy musicians, magicians, singers, actors, dancers and other entertainers, then retreat back to the bar area for a refreshment and to try their luck at one of the gaming tables. Visitors beware. If you spend too much time talking with a 'saloon girl', you might just get the stink eye from Al Swerangen himself!

We can do gunfights (where appropriate), or bring in a jail cell in which visitors can be arrested by Sheriff George and his deputies. Scoundrals are available to coax fortunes from your attendees with an 'honest' game of Three Card Monte" or the "Soap Scam". All performers, games and characters are available in any variety or quanity, so I can fit any vision or budget.

Send me an email and we'll figure out a party which your guest will remember!

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